Gas Distribution Technology Update

Robotics, sensors and tech continue to transform cross bore safety, locating and mapping, as well as gas main modernization. Register to learn about the latest developments and real-world use cases.


Gas distribution utilities are focused on managing a safe and reliable distribution network while meeting increasingly complex demands of customer and regulators. New technologies are increasingly being used to improve the way utilities solve issues and improve safety while reducing excavation and costs.

In this webinar, ULC Technologies provides insight into the latest innovations in live gas technologies by sharing updates on research projects and real-world use cases.


  • Ryan McGowan, VP Field Operations, ULC Technologies
  • Daire Kullar, Sales Manager, ULC Technologies
  • Nathan King, Director of Marketing, ULC Technologies


A New Era of Cross Bore Inspection: Newly developed sensors are launched into PE gas mains to detect the presence of cross bores and support new HDD installations as well as legacy inspection programs. In this webinar, we will overview the solution and recap recent pilot projects.

Gas Main Modernization Using Robotics: Leading US and UK utilities rely on live gas main robotics to extend the usable life of large diameter cast iron mains. Newly developed capabilities now enable CISBOT to internally repair mechanical joints in 16”+ diameter cast iron mains. From one excavation, the robot can proactively seal up to 110 joints with no disruption of gas service to customers.

Advancing Gas Main Mapping and Locating: When it comes to pinpointing the location of specific features within the gas main, standard utility mapping is often not accurate enough to work efficiently. In this use case, we show how our team uses live gas main cameras to identify and pinpoint the location PE gas main butt fusions to support failure investigations.

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